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Fractal Models of Atoms and Molecules



Year of publication 2014
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Nostradamus 2014: Prediction, Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems
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Faculty of Medicine

Field Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry
Keywords vortex-fractal-ring theory; fractal models; vortex; ring; fractal; graphene
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Description This paper is an attempt to attain a new and profound model of the nature’s structure using a vortex-ring-fractal theory. Scientists have been trying to explain some phenomena in nature that have not been explained so far. The aim of this paper is the vortex-ring-fractal modeling of elements in the Mendeleev’s periodic table, which is not in contradiction to the known laws of nature. We would like to find some acceptable structure model of the hydrogen as a vortex-fractal-coil structure of the proton and a vortex-fractal-ring structure of the electron. It is known that planetary model of the hydrogen atom is not right. The classical quantum model is too abstract. Our imagination is that the hydrogen is a levitation system of the proton and the electron. Structures of hydrogen and carbon atoms and a hydrogen molecule are presented too. Our goal is combination of the basic principle of grammatical evolution with vortex-ring-fractal structures of atoms to create new molecule nano-structures. This approach combines knowledge of evolutionary optimization with physical chemistry.

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