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Syntax latinských vedlejších vět

Title in English Syntax of Latin subordinate clauses


Year of publication 2014
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Faculty of Arts

Description The textbook Latin subordinate clause syntax is designed for intermediate and advanced students of Classical Latin. The aim of the textbook is to describe the main characteristics of different clause types and to outline the system of subordinate clauses in Classical Latin. The textbook comprises a description of the main types of subordinate clauses used in Classical Latin, and exercises. In the opening chapters, the main characteristics of Latin tenses, verbal modes, sequence of tenses, etc. are described. The following chapters focus on different types of subordinate clauses, attractio modi, embedded conditional clauses, etc. This part of the textbook also includes summary charts and practical guidelines for translation. The exercises are designed not only to practice translation and the identification of clauses, but also to help understanding semantic features related to the use of different verbal modes.