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Vliv nitrátové suplementace na svalový výkon

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Title in English Effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on muscle performance


Year of publication 2014
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Sports Studies

Description Relatively inert nitrate anions contained in the saliva may be reduced to bioactive NO2- by facultative anaerobic bacteria on the tongue surface. This is probably a storage pool of NO and acts as a signalling molecule; increases blood flow and prevent muscle ischemia. According to recent research, it is conceivable that NO2- can accept an electron and theoretically replace the role of oxygen in respiration. Reduction of NO2- to NO is facilitated by relative shortage of oxygen in the working muscles and leads to an increase in local blood flow, it homogenized oxygen distribution and thereby reduces VO2 during exercise. It has been demonstrated, that on the basis of dietary supplementation with sodium nitrate, the efficiency of muscle oxidative metabolism increased. The main source of NO3- (60-80%) in the western diet is vegetables; in beetroot juice can be administered relatively accurate amount of nitrates (by ESFA should be an amount NO3- <3.8 mg / kg).
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