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Počátky českého a slovenského environmentalismu – vybrané kapitoly



Year of publication 2015
Type Monograph
Description The aim of this study is to present the beginnings of Czech and Slovak environmental thought. The study opens with an analysis of Josef Durdík’s book Pozor na lesy! [Beware of the Woods!] that can be regarded as the central work of 19th-century Czech environmentalism. The analysis of Durdík’s work and its comparison with the work of another important 19th-century author, John Ruskin, is followed by a reprint of Durdík’s Pozor na lesy! [Beware of the Woods!]. The second part of our study includes Petr Jemelka’s analysis that covers authors from the beginnings of Slovak environmental thought, Jonáš Záborský and Ján Maliarik. Jemelka’s analysis is also complemented by selections from the authors that are examined.