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Between stability and flow: Micro geographies of spatial and temporal organization of homes of solo-living people.

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Year of publication 2015
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description As Blunt and Dowling point out, geographers have only a quite recent interest in the spatialities of private dwellings. From the wide variety of contemporary experiences of domesticity our research is focused on the solo-living phenomena – the main aim of our paper is to explore the meanings, practices and materialities that form the experiences of home of childless young adults who live in single-member households (in the Czech Republic). One of the main features of their experience was the fluidity and scattered nature of the spatial and temporal boundaries between several realms, such as work and non/work or leisure, temporariness and permanency, self-discipline and blandness etc. The results will be presented in the form of photographic essay based both on visual material collected by researchers during the go-along ethnographies in the private dwellings and wider neighborhoods and on the visual diaries, where photographs and texts were taken and written by research participants themselves focusing on everyday routines and on the moments of significant changes. These two sources are interpreted in relation to other narratives produced during other phases of the research (mainly in situ in-depth interviews). We are seeking for more fluid, open and empirically grounded concept of home based not on essentialism and normativity, but rather on performativity and it’s becoming-into-being through active bodies, dynamic meanings and mundane aesthetics.
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