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Autonomy - where is the limit?



Year of publication 2015
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Language Centre

Description Planning, monitoring and evaluating, traditionally perceived as the teacher´s responsibility gain a new dimension in the hands of our students. In language learning, probably more than in other disciplines, they usually are capable of accepting the responsibility and taking charge of their learning. The paper is based on research conducted in a course English Autonomously that is offered by the Language Centre of Masaryk university. The students in this course tailor the content to their needs and requirements, they make the choices themselves and attempt to achieve the goals they set. They reflect on the learning process and feel involved in it. Nevertheless, the teacher is still there with his/her role diverted into a facilitator and counsellor. The students find the autonomy challenging and they proof that they can handle it when given the opportunity. The opportunity comes with a framework that supports and leads them and at the same time compensates the guidance from the teacher. Autonomy seems to work best for the students when they have a structure that helps them plan the learning, achieve the goals and concentrate on the learning situation.