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Annulotrema (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from the gills of African tetras (Characiformes: Alestidae) in Lake Turkana, Kenya, with descriptions of four new species and a redescription of A. elongata Paperna and Thurston, 1969.

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Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Parasitology Research
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Faculty of Science

Field Zoology
Keywords Dactylogyridae - Annulotrema alestesnursi - Annulotrema ansatum - Annulotrema besalis - Annulotrema bipatens - Annulotrema cucullatum - Annulotrema elongata
Description Four new and four previously described species of Annulotrema were collected from the gills of four species (three genera, i.e. Alestes, Hydrocynus and Brycinus) of African tetras from Lake Turkana, Kenya: Annulotrema alestesnursi Paperna, 1973 from Brycinus nurse; Annulotrema ansatum n. sp., Annulotrema besalis Řehulková, Musilová and Gelnar, 2014, Annulotrema bipatens n. sp., Annulotrema cucullatum n. sp., Annulotrema nili Paperna, 1973, and Annulotrema pontile n. sp. from Hydrocynus forskahlii; and Annulotrema elongata Paperna and Thurston, 1969 from Alestes baremoze and Alestes dentex. A. elongata is re-described on the basis of new material from A. baremoze. The sclerotized structures of the haptor and male copulatory organ of A. alestesnursi and A. elongata are illustrated from their type material. H. forskahlii is a new host record for A. besalis. The findings of A. besalis and A. elongata in Kenya represent a new locality records for these helminths. Three Annulotrema spp., namely A. besalis, A. elongata and A. pontile n. sp., share the same type of male copulatory organ, which may indicate a close relationship among these species.
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