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Voltametric determination of bicarbonate

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SMRČKA Filip VANĚK Jakub LUBAL Přemysl

Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Abstract book of XV. Workshop of Physical Chemists and Electrochemists
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Faculty of Science

Field Analytic chemistry
Keywords Macrocyclic ligands; Eu(III) ion; voltametry; anion determination
Description Electrochemical properties of LnIII complexes with H2DO2A and H3DO3A ligand make them perfect candidates for use in many chemical, biological and environmental systems. H2DO2A and H3DO3A are hexa- and heptadentate ligands forming very stable binary complexes with europium(III) ion, where three, resp. two coordination sites are occupied by water molecules. These complexes form ternary complexes with small tri- and bidentate ligands, e.g. carbonate, oxalate, phosphate, etc. Different stability constants of those ternary complexes can be utilized for electrochemical selective determination of anions.
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