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Tectonic Studies of the Variscan Acretionary Wedge, Moravian Karst and Drahany Culmian



Year of publication 2016
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Detailed studies of Devonian tectonic slices and related thrusts in Moravian Karst have been done in the past (Rez & Melichar 2002). In this paper, we present northern continuation of these thrusts as well as their relation to the other thrusts of different age in the central part of the Moravian Karst. The investigated area consists of Devonian limestone and Carboniferrous siliciclastic rocks that were affected by thrusting. It is possible to distinguish: 1) older mostly bedding paralel variscan thrusts with ramps. These older thrusts were affected by 2) relatively younger variscan thrusts. The direction of the younger thrusts is mostly oblique to the older thrusts and bedding. 3) Moreover, certain parts of the variscan thrusts with adequate orientation were reactivated during Tertiary by reverse faulting (See Figure 1 for understanding). While the variscan thrusting was related to shear like collision of Moldanubian block with block of Brunovistulicum, the Tertiary reverse faulting was related to Alpine tectonic proceses.

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