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Comparison of on-capillary derivatization of amino acids using TDLFP and EMMA mixing of reactants for capillary electrophoresis coupled with LIF detection

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CELÁ Andrea MÁDR Aleš ŠULCOVÁ Martina GLATZ Zdeněk

Year of publication 2016
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference 13th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis (CECE2016)
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Faculty of Science

Field Biochemistry
Keywords capillary electrophoresis; fluorescence detection; on-capillary derivatization; amino acids
Description Amino acids are very important compounds for living organisms. They exhibit low or no native fluorescence, thus derivatization is essential for their sensitive determination by laser induced fluorescence detection. Capillary electrophoresis offers conducting the derivatization reaction in pre-capillary, on capillary or post capillary arrangement. In the case of on-capillary derivatization, mixing of the reactants can be performed by longitudinal diffusion, by transverse diffusion of laminar flow profiles (TDLFP), or by electrophoretically mediated microanalysis (EMMA). This contribution deals with optimization of EMMA for derivatization of all standard AAs using naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxaldehyde and sodium cyanide and comparison with derivatization of AAs using TDLFP methodology.
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