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K rukopisné tradici Rožmberské knihy

Title in English The Manuscript Tradition of the Rosenberg Book


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Studie o rukopisech
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Faculty of Law

Field Law sciences
Keywords Rosenberg book; manuscripts; Middle Ages; land law; municipal law
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Description With the hindsight of over a century since the publication of the last edition of the Rosenberg book the author comes back to the idea of a new edition, which could not be brought about without a high-standard description of all preserved manuscripts. The present study is based on the author‘s study of Rosenberg book manuscripts, which is first presented in the light of previous older research, which highlighted four different ways to consider an edition of the Rosenberg book. The next section focuses on individual groups of manuscripts, which are characterized in greater detail in the light of the period in which they were written, attempting to date them more precisely on the basis of paleographic and codicological analysis. By identifying the composition it also attempts to determine the circle of users of individual legal collections. The study is concluded by a summary of the development trends that are evident in the Rosenberg book manuscript tradition and a final view of the future, which opens up new perspectives for further research.
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