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Ray optics of generalised lenses

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CHAPLAIN Gregory J MACAULEY Gavin BĚLÍN Jakub TYC Tomáš COWIE Euan N COURTIAL Johannes Klaus

Year of publication 2016
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Jornal of the Optical Society of America A
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Faculty of Science

Field Optics, masers and lasers
Keywords generalized lens (glens); imaging; nodal point
Description We study the ray optics of generalized lenses (glenses), which are ideal thin lenses generalized to have different object- and image-sided focal lengths, and the most general light-ray-direction-changing surfaces that stigmatically image any point in object space to a corresponding point in image space. Our analysis is centered on the nodal point. Whereas the nodal point of a thin lens always resides in the lens plane, that of a glens can reside anywhere on the optical axis. Utilizing the nodal point, we derive simple equations that describe the mapping between object and image space and the light-ray-direction change. We demonstrate our findings with the help of ray-tracing simulations. Glenses allow novel optical instruments to be realized, at least theoretically, and our results facilitate the design and analysis of such devices.
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