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Manželství, rodina a individualismus

Title in English Marriage, family and individualism


Year of publication 2017
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Description Migrants and people from other cultures who are coming into our homeland now ever so more often are naturally bringing with them their culture and traditions. Part of it seems interesting and enjoyable, others may be controversial, difficult for us to understand or even unacceptable. This is often true about the idea of an arranged marriage, where the main protagonists are not the bride and groom but their native families and especially their parents. For a European it is difficult to image that my life should be tied with someone I have never seen, whom I do not know. For many, it is even more difficult to accept that a woman in such a relationship is or should be subordinated to a man in many ways, be it material ownership, difference in lineage of her children or responsibility to husband´s family and mother. The lecture will introduce a different ethos and cosmology which gives life to these two different traditions of partnership – the arranged marriage and free will marriage. It will show, how ethnos and cosmology influence our views about love, partnership, family and individuality.