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Mimoškolní faktory ovlivňující rozhodnutí začínajících učitelů odejít z profese

Title in English Out-of-school factors influencing novice teachers‘ career intentions


Year of publication 2017
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Faculty of Education

Description Novice teachers are in a stage of their career that presents them with many demands. They are required to take on all responsibilities of seasoned teachers, which can mean a considerable burden for them. Moreover, oftentimes they are in a stage of change in their personal lives, settling down in a new place, building a home and starting a family. All this can sometimes lead to their decision to leave the profession. One of the research questions that we focused on as a part of a broader research project (How context matters: objective determinants of novice teachers´ socialisation; GA15-12956S) was how out-of-school factors influence novice teachers decisions to leave the profession. The out-of-school factors include both factors connected to the profession (but not to the school), such as students’ parents, community, broader socio-political context, and factors connected to teachers’ personal lives (e.g. well-being, commuting, family and living arrangements). The data was collected using a questionnaire (70 Likert scale items, context questions) in 2016. The research sample comprises 126 novice teachers with up to 3 years of experience. The results suggest that novice teachers that intend to remain in the profession rate their sense of well-being more positively, as they do with the broader socio-political context (especially salary). However, the latter only to a certain extent. When asked about the support from the general public (people’s regard for how demanding a job teaching is etc.), teachers intending to leave and teachers intending to stay differ only marginally. Nevertheless, there are differences when it comes to support from parents. More negative views on this issue are, however, connected to intentions to change schools rather than leave the profession altogether.
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