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Abdominálne trichobotrie a morfológia abdominálnych ventritov bzdôch z nadčeľade Pyrrhocoroidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)

Title in English Abdominal trichobothria and morphology of abdominal ventrites of the true bug superfamily Pyrrhocoroidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)


Year of publication 2018
Type Conference abstract
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Description Pyrrhocoroidea including two families, Largidae (with subfamilies Larginae and Physopeltinae) and Pyrrhocoridae (without classification), represent the second smallest superfamily of true bug infraorder Pentatomomorpha. Despite the relatively attractive appearance (aposematic species), several model taxa in physiological and genetic research, as well as important economic pests, the group gets only little attention in terms of comparative morphology and phylogenetic relationships within the group are almost unknown. To improve the situation and to prepare the solid ground for later phylogenetic analysis, we studied the morphology of pregenital abdominal ventrites and positions of trichbothria in 63 of all 69 known genera of Pyrrhocoroidea. Also, we have proposed the system of abbreviations to describe the concrete trichobothrial positions, we have examined the fine structure of trichobothrial complex, as well as intraspecific and intrageneric variability of trichobothrial pattern. The recorded characters seem to be useful for definition of higher taxa (especially for diagnoses of Pyrrhocoroidea, Largidae, Larginae, Physopeltinae and Pyrrhocoridae, as well as for indication of the most significant autapomorphies in these groups) and allow to compare our findings with several phylogenetic hypotheses available for Pyrrhocoroidea. We have found the four characters suggesting close relationship of Pyrrhocoroidea with Lygaeoidea, but no synapomorphies supporting the relationship with Coreoidea. Family Largidae is defined only by plesiomorphic characters, while the monophyly of Pyrrhocoridae is well supported. On the other side, two predicted synapomorphies suggest the possible monophyly of the komplex Physopeltinae + Pyrrhocoridae. For the future study of Pyrrhocoroidea phylogeny, it is possible to suggest two competitive hypotheses: (Larginae + Physopeltinae) + Pyrrhocoridae vs. Larginae + (Physopeltinae + Pyrrhocoridae).
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