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Colonisation of the restored stream by benthic invertebrates: a case study from the Bohemian Forest (Czech Republic)

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BOJKOVÁ Jindřiška SOLDÁN Tomáš ŠORFOVÁ Vanda VRBA Jaroslav

Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
Description In the Czech Republic, the vast majority of stream restoration projects have been focused on technical improvement of the channel morphology of small streams and their in-stream habitat enhancement. They have included mostly re-meandering of streams, construction of small impoundments, and sediment removal from backwaters and impoundments on streams to improve stream hydrology and water retention in the floodplain. Biological responses to restoration, however, are rarely monitored or evaluated methodically and the post-project evaluation of implementation of the primary restoration goals is lacking. Our monitoring survey is focused on the restoration of the lower stretch of the mountain stream Hučina in the Bohemian Forest (Šumava NP) which was returned to its original meandering course by complete restoration of its channel. Simultaneously, its modified channel and drainage channels in the floodplain were blocked or buried. The long-term monitoring focused on benthic invertebrates, including Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera, and in-stream habitat development began immediately after the restoration in November 2014. Our results of three-year monitoring after the restoration show surprisingly rapid colonisation of invertebrates, though the conditions are not yet favourable for some species. Remarkably species-rich and numerous communities of invertebrates were found shortly after the restoration and fish and lampreys were observed repeatedly. Due to unstable (fine) bottom substrate, however, benthic invertebrates are vulnerable to high water discharge after spates and further development of their communities will be related on the bottom substrate conditions.
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