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Sprachstandsbeobachtung im DaF-Unterricht: Ein Forschungsbericht.

Title in English Observation of Language Proficiency in German as a Foreign Language: A Research Report


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Lingua Viva
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Keywords research project; teaching of German as a foreign language; communicative competence; speech acts; observation; teaching scenario; diagnostic tools
Description Knowledge of foreign languages today is indisputably one of the key skills which make it possible for persons to act appropriately in various spheres of human activity in the foreign language. Thus since the "communicative turn", the primary objective of foreign language teaching has been to define the development of the communicative competence, which in the present view includes not only the four basic language skills, but also the development of foreign-language literacy. Although this understanding of the communicative competence is accounted for both in relevant theoretical documents and in curricular documents, some empirical reflections of foreign language teaching practice show that FLT teachers do not provide learners with enough systematic and goal-oriented development of appropriate foreign skills for language performance in their teaching concepts – especially in the areas of professional language and language 22 of education. Based on these considerations, we have developed a model in our bilateral research project which provides teachers of German as a foreign language with a tool for identifying relevant language actions in concrete communicative situations. They then can work more purposefully in their further teaching practice. Such a diagnostic tool has not yet been available in the Czech Republic. In the paper we would like to present the current status of the project and the first results from the pilot phases using observation sheets for teaching scenarios in the area of German as a foreign language.
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