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Strategy for linking of CSEC exam data with international large-scale assessment data : IEA expert paper



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Description The following document has been written in response to a request from CXC to provide guidance on techniques which can be used to enable comparisons of achievement scores obtained on the CXC examination with results from International Large-Scale Assessments (ILSAs). CXC would like to enable countries participating in the CXC examination to position themselves on international scales stemming from ILSAs such as PISA, TIMSS or PIRLS. This document first briefly presents the structure and the administration of the CXC examination. This description is based on oral communication and might not be sufficiently comprehensive to develop detailed procedures; rather, it allows for the tailoring of the methods presented to the CXC context as well as for the development of an example procedure—presented in the appendix. In short, this document presents methodological insights and example procedures regarding possibilities for test development, with the stated goal of obtaining comparable scores on an existing ILSA.