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Cushitic numerals

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Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Folia Orientalia
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords Cushitic; Omotic; Ethio-Semitic; Afroasiatic; Nilo-Saharan; etymology; borrowing
Description The presented material is organized in agreement with the genetic classification of the Cushitic languages. On the basis of concrete forms in individual languages the protoforms in partial groups are reconstructed, if it is possible, and these partial protoforms of numerals in the daughter protolanguages are finally compared to determine the inherited forms. The common cognates are finally compared with parallels in other Afroasiatic branches, if exist, or with counterparts in Ethio-Semitic or Nilo-Saharan languages, if they could be borrowed from or adapted into the Cushitic or Omotic languages.
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