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Náhodné nálezy na kefalometrickém snímku

Title in English Random findings in cephalograms


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Ortodoncie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Keywords cephalogram; random findings; sella turcica; ponticulus posticus
Description Aim: To assess diagnostic possibilities of cephalograms with regard to adjacent structures. Material and method: In the retrospective incidental study the sample of 1000 patients (500 males, mean age = 16 years 11 months; 500 females, mean age = 21 years 9 months) sella turcica was measured and analyzed as well as bridging of sella turcica and presence of ponticulus posticus. Measurements were done with an individualized software ODig that makes assessment of binar parameters (apart from cephalometric analysis) possible. Results: Incidence of a complete bridging of sella turcica is 21.4 % (22.2 % of males and 20.6 % of females). Incidence of a complete ponticulus posticus is 13.7 % (15 % of males, and 12.4 % of females). The length of sella turcica is approx. 10 mm, the depth of sella turcica is approx. 7 mm, anterioposterior length of sella turcica is about 12 mm. Conclusion: Cephalograms may provide other valuable information on health condidion and potential problems of patients. In rare cases, a cephalogram may become the first imaging method to determine serious health condition.
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