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Video699: Interconnecting Lecture Recordings with Study Materials



Year of publication 2019
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Faculty of Informatics

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Our work is a scientific poster that was presented at the ML Prague 2019 conference during February 22–24, 2019.

Recording lectures is a common practice in the academia nowadays and lays foundation to massive open online courseware. Although lecture slides are often recorded along with the lecturer, machine-readable information about the lecture slides is rarely preserved. This prevents full-text search in the recordings and makes the lectures inaccessible to the blind and partially sighted members of the audience.

In our work, we present several neural architectures that work in lockstep to segment lecture recordings and to map the individual segments to shown lecture slides. We also present a new dataset, which has been produced at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czechia, and which is used to train and evaluate our system. We evaluate the performance of the individual neural architectures.

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