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Pohledem sběratele a kurátora muzea umění: Komentovaná prohlídka po brněnských uměleckých ateliérech. Open Studios Brno

Title in English As a Collector and Art Museum Curator: Guided Tour Through Brno Art Studios. Open Studios Brno


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Faculty of Arts

Description Saturday's guided walk through open Brno art studios will take place this time as an intrepid exploration discovering the world of contemporary art. We take a look at the contemporary artworks from the perspective of a potential art lover and collector (each one of us is!). Let us, without prejudice, discuss what the artists consider to be significant, timeless part in their body of work, and on the other hand, what art museum curators or private collectors admire to have in their collections. Is there a difference in these views? In what way can the view of the artist and collector or the theoretician of art diverge and in what way do they complement or enrich? Why do artists create and why do people collect art? Are we sure we know the exact answers to these questions? Guided walk through selected locations with the author of the book "You Aren’t Collecting Paintings, Are You?", art historian Marcela Rusinko, former editor in chief of ART +, art journalist, longtime curator of the public art museum, lecturer of Masaryk University.