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Umělá inteligence: výzva autorství

Title in English Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge for an Authorship


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Iurium Scriptum
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Faculty of Law

Keywords Artificial Intelligence; Authorship
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Description The artificial intelligence currently presents the highly discussed topic in all of the science areas. The same goes for a copyright law. The artificial intelligence is being mentioned in relation to the new "kind" of art, which is created with the use of it. The market is full of the new creations more or less able to be compared to the traditional copyrighted works. However, the questions are whether such creations could be considered as the "works", who is the author of such a work, who is the bearer of the rights and who shall be entitled to constitute the, when there is a plenty of the people participating in the creating process of the "work". The goal of the paper is to analyze this area, to assess the individual conceptual features in the context of those creations and to introduce the basic overview of the subjects participating in the creating process as well as to assess their potential copyright claim.
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