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Does Knowledge of Grammar Influence Productive Speaking Skills of the Students of Russian Departments? (on the Example of a Questionnaire of Czech and Slovak Students)



Year of publication 2018
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords Russian as a foreign language; methods of teaching Russian; methods of teaching Russian at a higher school; Russian grammar; self-learning of students; Czech students; Slovak students; Russian studies
Description This paper presents the results of a comparative survey of university students studying Russian as a foreign language, aimed at exploring their ability to apply the knowledge of the grammar system of the Russian language in practice. The ability to produce the required forms of verbs, specifically the first person of the singular and the plural, and determine the aspect of verbs as a learning skill was studied. The survey results show a positive correlation between the level of knowledge of the grammar system of the Russian language and the ability to produce the correct forms of unfamiliar lexical units. The production of the correct form was not represented in the verbs equally. The common feature of the Czech and Slovak students was that the best and worst results were achieved with the same verbs. The best results were connected with the production of the forms of verbs such as etc. The students produced correct forms in more than 80%. The other group consisted of verbs which turned out to be the most difficult for the experiment participants. Among them were such verbs as and Unlike the previous group, the variants of the incorrect forms formed from the verbs were much more diverse. The proportion of correct answers for any of these verbs did not exceed 20%, the most difficult for students was the verb the number of correct answers averaged 6%. Determining the verb aspect was more successful than conjugation of verbs, yet many students produced the verb form incorrectly. The score of the Slovak students, compared with their Czech colleagues, was lower. In senior courses, success in determining the type of verb generally increased. A comparative study of the specific skills of students studying Russian language from two faculties of different universities is an example of how to test the skills of students in practice within the framework of competencies, the development of which is the main goal of education in the basic, secondary, and higher education.

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