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Popis exempláře druhu Sauropleura scalaris (Lepospondyli: Nectridea) ze svrchního karbonu České republiky: nové poznatky o morfologii lebky a axiálního skeletu

Title in English Description of the specimen of Sauropleura scalaris (Lepospondyli: Nectridea) from the Upper Carboniferous of the Czech Republic: new insight into morphology of the skull and axial skeleton


Year of publication 2019
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description New redescription of the specimen PAL158 described by Stehlík (1924) from the Upper Carboniferous of Nýřany confirmed on the basis of characters of the skull and axial skeleton its taxonomic placement in species of Sauropleura scalaris. The skull was newly reassessed as preserved in ventrolateral view, enabling a description of its ventral morphology. The specimen further proved an evidence of higher number of caudal vertebrae, comparable in the count with the representatives of the subfamily Urocordylinae. Furthermore, Sauropleura scalaris show variability in the caudal vertebrae, here tentatively assigned to the ontogeny. Occurrences of the findings of Sauropleura species indicate that the genus originated in the region of nowadays Central Europe with the subsequent evolutionary distribution during the Late Carboniferous further towards the west.