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Czech Audiences Between the "Bad" and "Good" Viewing: A Qualitative Study of current Viewership

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Year of publication 2019
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description With further spread of online practices, further digitalization of current media environments and with changes in content distribution, we are witnessing constant transformation of media consumption and production nowadays. Recipients are getting more powerful in the sense of time and space control of their media consumption (which is allowed mainly by new and more user-friendly technology). Next to more traditional form of content consumption on television, there are video on demand services, internet televisions, and free online streaming services or (i)llegally downloadable contents. Television and post-television practices are coexisting and often even merging. In this context we have conducted a qualitative study focused on convergent consumption practices of Czech audiences focusing on the participants’ media literacy and their “moral compass”. The study draws on more than 60 qualitative interviews conducted from April to October 2018 with selected 18+ Czech AV consumers. Our contribution to the conference lays in the reflection of results of this research. In the inquiry we identified various genres of media practices linked to the consumption of audiovisual (and partly music) content, the participants’ stance towards (i)legality and moral (non)acceptability of downloading and their willingness or reluctance to pay for audiovisual content. Furthermore, we assessed the role of individual financial situation and comfort in the decision for paying or not paying for contents. Our research helps in distinguishing the fragile line between individual practices that are commonly heavily interlaced. Therefore, we are confronted with cluster of activities that are all linked by the time/space/platform/content/etc. preference of certain individuals and their socio-economical and cultural capital. All that in connection with (and in the context of) emergence of new (payed and free) services for audiovisual media consumption.
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