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Dárcovství ve výzkumech psychologie, sociologie a sociální antropologie

Title in English Donating in the research of psychology, sociology and social anthropology


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Faculty of Social Studies

Description The report compiles current knowledge about donating process and altruism as available in sociology, social anthropology and psychology. Quantitative research in sociology brings information about the relationship between wellbeing, altruism and donating process in the Czech Republic. It touches upon the edge of the neurobiology, namely how giving and donations resonate in the human brain and what feelings it activates. The second part looks upon donations from the qualitative perspective of social anthropology, which sees it as a pro-social behaviour, a kind of pay-it-forward goodness, which is intrinsic to every society. The final part pays attention to the individual, her individual strategies and motivations, as introduced by current psychological research. The whole report answers the following question: Who and under what conditions is motivated to donate and donate frequently?