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Instalování Mezinárodního dne žen v letech 1911–1914. Případ: Rakousko, Morava, Těšínské Slezsko a Halič

Title in English Installation of International Women´s Day between 1911 and 1914. Case: Austria, Moravia, Teschen Silesia and Galicia


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Description Similarly to other long-standing traditions, the International Women´s Day has undergone a number of changes in the 20th century. It was used not only for feminist proclamations, but also for a variety of ideologically oriented purposes. This paper deals with the installation of this holiday in selected national social democracies before the First World War. His basic question leads to answering, whether the introduction of the new revolutionary holiday has led to significant qualitative shifts in the content of women´s activities? Has the new holiday become the only manifestation of the “revolutionary struggle” of the female worker´s movement? Were there any differences in the autonomist and centralist wing of social democracy in Moravia, social democracy in Austria, Silesia and Galicia?
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