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„poněvadž se to z Čech sem do Moravy děje“. Přepadení rajhradského kláštera v roce 1449 Ješkem Svojanovským z Boskovic

Title in English "because this is happening from Bohemia to Moravia”. Assault of Rajhrad monastery in 1449 by Ješek Svojanovský of Boskovice

JAN Libor

Year of publication 2019
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The paper deals with the overflow of the monastery in Rajhrad by Ješek Svojanovský of Boskovice in 1449 and the subsequent military expedition of the coalition forces to the monastery (the city of Brno, bishop of Olomouc, provost of Dolní Kounice and Pertold of Lipá). Followed efforts to prevent further rifling in Moravia, his Svojanovský committed. The causes of the overflow are not clear.