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Základní společensko-politické reálie současné Bosny a Hercegoviny a jejich translatologické reflexe v češtině

Title in English Basic Socio-Political Facts of Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina and their Translatological Reflection in Czech


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Opera Slavica = Slavistické rozhledy
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords Bosnia and Herzegovina; Srpska; Bosnian; Bosniak
Description The article deals with the older and current meanings of Serbo-Croatian onymes expressing the basic socio-political facts of contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosanac, Bošnjak, Musliman, Srpska), the meanings of adjectives bosanski and bošnjački and their translation equivalents in Czech. It concludes that, despite the data in older Czech dictionaries, Czech equivalents Bosňan „Bosnian“ and Bosňák „Bosniak“ cannot currently be understood as synonyms, and the same is true of adjectives bosenský „Bosnian“ and bosňácký „Bosniak“, Czech equivalents of the respective Serbo-Croatian adjectives. The use of terms related to the difficult socio-political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in foreign languages needs to be very cautious.