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Za problematikata na sădăržanieto na lingvističnite termini zoonim i fitonim v bălgarski, srăbski, hărvatski i češki ezik

Title in English On the Content of Linguistic Terms "zoonym" and "phytonym" in Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian and Czech Languages


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Bălgarska reč. Spisanie za ezikoznanie i ezikova kultura
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords zoonym; phytonym; linguistic terminology
Description In the framework of the research in the field of phraseology, we often encounter phrasemes that contain a zoological or botanical component. In the titles of a number of phraseological studies or publications, we find the word "zoonymic (phytonymic) component". But is the use of these terms somewhat inaccurate or even misleading? In this article we try to answer this question.