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Commentatio parvula de eo quod post mortem supersit ad professorem Blaho spectans

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Title in English Tiny Commentary on What Remains After the Death with Regard to Professor Blaho


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Perpauca terrena blande honori dedicata. Pocta Petrovi Blahovi k nedožitým 80. narodeninám
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Faculty of Law

Web Open access sborníku
Keywords Law of Succession ; Peter Blaho ; Testator
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Description The present paper is dealing with the death and its consequences and it reflects the life and death of professor Blaho as well. Unlike in other studies, in which the subject is examined primarily from the point of view of the law of succession, this paper is focused on what remains after the death. From the philosophical point of view, some authors state the souls survive, what might be supported by the fact that people want to influence the fate of their body and property after their death. In the area of law, it is obvious many rights and obligations are dissolved by the mere death of the testator, on the other hand, some rights and duties continue to exist or even begin to operate after the death, which is the case of various institutes of the law of succession. Similarly, professor Blaho died but the spirit of his work outlives his death.
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