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Major Hussite Theologians before the Compactata



Year of publication 2020
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description The chapter deals with major Hussite theologians who were active in Bohemia between ca. 1400 and 1436, when the Basel Compactata (i.e. the settlement of the modus vivendi of the Hussites with the Church) were accepted. The chapter outlines the biographical data, literary activity as well as political impact of those who played the most important roles in the religious developments in Bohemia in the given period. It concentrates on the formative years of the reform party at the beginning of the 15th century, describes the conflict about the universalia, the fundamental question of Utraquism, and subsequently, the ardent negotiations among various reform groups and factions that lasted from 1409 until 1419, when the Hussite wars definitely broke out. The proceedings of the Hussites at the Council of Constance, including the case of John Hus, are dealt with as well.
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