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Když potenciálně rozvíjející situace nerozvíjí: kritické didaktické incidenty v problémově orientované výuce

Title in English When Potentially Developing Situations do Not Develop: Critical Didactic Incidents in Problem-oriented Instruction


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Pedagogika
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Keywords problem-solving competence; critical incident; problem-oriented task; primary education; interaction
Description Teachers often consider the concept of competences incomprehensible and diffi cult to grasp in instruction. Th e development of pupils’ competences is thus potentially limited. Th e study focuses on the problem-solving competence (PSC), specifi cally on learning situations that potentially develop pupils’ PSC (i.e. problem-oriented situations with a problem task at their core). However, the fact that a teacher uses problem tasks in instruction does not automatically mean that pupils’ PSC is developed. Aim: Th e study aims to describe what causes the loss of the potential of problem-oriented situations to develop pupils’ PSC. Methods: 19 problem-oriented learning situations that had been identifi ed in ten primary science lessons and were not found to actually develop PSC were researched. Using critical didactic incident analysis, concrete forms of problem-oriented learning situations are described to capture the recurrent phenomena that cause the situations to lose their potential to develop PSC. Results: Th e dominant group of incidents was characterized by an excessive concentration of activity in the teacher – they guided pupils through the solving process so much that they solved the task de facto on their own. Th e study describes the mechanism of how this and other incidents came about. Describing some phenomena that reduce the development of PSC might help to show what should be avoided in instruction.
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