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Two-loop conformal invariance for Yang-Baxter deformed strings


BORSATO Riccardo WULFF Jörgen Linus

Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Journal of High Energy Physics
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Keywords Bosonic Strings; Conformal Field Models in String Theory; String Duality
Description The so-called homogeneous Yang-Baxter (YB) deformations can be considered a non-abelian generalization of T-duality-shift-T-duality (TsT) transformations. TsT transformations are known to preserve conformal symmetry to all orders in alpha '. Here we argue that (unimodular) YB deformations of a bosonic string also preserve conformal symmetry, at least to two-loop order. We do this by showing that, starting from a background with no NSNS-flux, the deformed background solves the alpha ' -corrected supergravity equations to second order in the deformation parameter. At the same time we determine the required alpha ' -corrections of the deformed background, which take a relatively simple form. In examples that can be constructed using, possibly non-commuting sequences of, TsT transformations we show how to obtain the first alpha ' -correction to all orders in the deformation parameter by making use of the alpha ' -corrected T-duality rules. We demonstrate this on the specific example of YB deformations of a Bianchi type II background.

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