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Noc vědců 2020

Title in English Researchers' Night 2020


Year of publication 2020
Type Popularization text
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Central European Institute of Technology

Description "Nanorobots can heal us soon Today we are experiencing a rapid development in the field of nanostructured chemistry and the study of nanomachines. So far, scientists have prepared a large number of handy nanomotors, nanoramples, nanomuscles and other nanocomponents, which can be combined into one unit - nanorobots. That it is no longer a science fiction is evidenced by the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in this area in 2016. Sir Fraser, one of the winners, even came to tell us about it. Inspired by his model, but also by the model of many other scientists, we at CEITEC are developing new nanoparticles and nanomachines in order to prepare nanomedicine against cancer. An thought-controlled robot By measuring the electrical activity of the brain, we can obtain information about the level of mental activity. In our post, we will show you how to use such information, for example, to move a robot. We will use the EEG method for this and we will use the level of mental activity for management. PCR Test Relay - Human hand and robotic arm in the fight against Covid Come with us to see behind the scenes testing samples at Covid. We'll show you the PCR method and find out how robots help our scientists fight Covid."

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