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Une aventure dystopique : Oscar de Profundis de Catherine Mavrikakis

Title in English A dystopian adventure: Oscar de Profundis by Catherine Mavrikakis


Year of publication 2021
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

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Description From her first novel Deuils cannibales et mélancoliques (2000), Catherine Mavrikakis has been linked with the theme of death. It unfolds through his work: Fleurs de crachat (2005), Ciel de Bay City (2008), Omaha Beach (2008), Derniers jours de Smokey Nelson (2011), Ce qui restera (2017). The novel Oscar de Profundis (2016) is no exception except that this time the death is no longer that of individuals - friends and relatives - but rather that of civilization without no future. The plot has for cultural breeding ground the dystopian antecedents of George Orwell (1984) and Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), but it is strongly inspired by the decadence represented by Charles Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde and especially the figure of Jean Floressas des Esseintes by Joris-Karl Huysmans whose Oscar de Profundis is a reincarnation. The Montreal of 2084 is transformed into a symbol of the desperate struggle to safeguard civilizational values - dignity, humanity, culture - condemned to disappear. The chapter attempts to identify the specificities of the dystopian narrative in its components and its philosophical transcendence.
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