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The Potential of Rhizoctonia-Like Fungi for the Biological Protection of Cereals against Fungal Pathogens



Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Plants
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Rhizoctonia-like fungi; biocontrol; Fusarium culmorum; Serendipita indica; Microdochium bolleyi; Ceratobasidium sp.; Tulasnella sp.; endophyte
Description The use of biological control is becoming a common practice in plant production. One overlooked group of organisms potentially suitable for biological control are Rhizoctonia-like (Rh-like) fungi. Some of them are capable of forming endophytic associations with a large group of higher plants as well as mycorrhizal symbioses. Various benefits of endophytic associations were proved, including amelioration of devastating effects of pathogens such as Fusarium culmorum. The advantage of Rh-like endophytes over strictly biotrophic mycorrhizal organisms is the possibility of their cultivation on organic substrates, which makes their use more suitable for production. We focused on abilities of five Rh-like fungi isolated from orchid mycorrhizas, endophytic fungi Serendipita indica, Microdochium bolleyi and pathogenic Ceratobasidium cereale to inhibit the growth of pathogenic F. culmorum or Pyrenophora teres in vitro. We also analysed their suppressive effect on wheat infection by F. culmorum in a growth chamber, as well as an effect on barley under field conditions. Some of the Rh-like fungi affected the growth of plant pathogens in vitro, then the interaction with plants was tested. Beneficial effect was especially noted in the pot experiments, where wheat plants were negatively influenced by F. culmorum. Inoculation with S. indica caused higher dry shoot biomass in comparison to plants treated with fungicide. Prospective for future work are the effects of these endophytes on plant signalling pathways, factors affecting the level of colonization and surviving of infectious particles.
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