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The Orthographic Analysis of Czech Exile Printed Texts



Year of publication 2021
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Faculty of Arts

Description This paper is focused on the orthographic analysis of Czech exile printed texts, specifically Přemyšlování o osmeru blahoslavenství s výkladem a naučením (1738) by Eliáš Milec and Hystorye o původu a činech bratří českych kniha osmá (1765) by Jiří Urban, both printed in Halle. The analysis is a part of a bigger project focused on the language of Czech exile printed texts of the 18th century with main focus on texts printed in Halle and Zittau. The main aim is to describe the language in exile printed texts, and compare it with the language of printed texts from the Czech language area of the same time period. This paper is based on transliterated parts of texts mentioned above, and will talk mainly about features that had not been stabilized yet in the orthographic usage of that time, or that are specific for exile printed texts. These are, for example, orthographical form of phonemes /j/, /š/, /g/, /ř/; distribution of some letters; distribution of capitals, indication of quantity and punctuation. Findings will be compared with texts printed in that time in the Czech language area. According to existing research (Fidlerová Andrlová 2013; Kosek 2007, 2008), it is expected that both texts will comply with the orthographic norms of the Bible of Kralice that were followed in the Czech language area as well. It is also expected that Přemysšlování and Hystorye will show greater influence of other languages, such as Slovak or German. The paper will thus contribute to the knowledge about the orthography of Czech exile printed texts, that has not been in the centre of interest so far. It will also help to find out to which extent these printed texts are influenced by other languages, and weather they follow the language development in the Czech language area.
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