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Software pro měření kvantitativního usuzování dětí (Triton a hladový oceán)

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Title in English Software for Measuring Children's Quantitative Reasoning (Triton and the Hungry Ocean)


Year of publication 2021
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description The “Triton” software is designed to measure the level of quantitative reasoning in assessed individuals. The quantitative reasoning pertains – in the framework of C-H-C theory of intelligence – to a broader ability of fluid reasoning, i.e. the ability to successfully solve novel problems that call for logical thinking and that cannot be fully solved be means of already known procedures and algorithms. In this particular case, the logical reasoning bears on counts, quantities, ratios and other similar phenomena. To increase the engagement of assessed individuals and to reduce their test anxiety, the program makes use of a game-based assessment (GBA) paradigm: the tasks are framed as a computer game, including gamified features, such as a simple narrative, comics, sounds, points, etc. In this particular tool the game is set in a submarine environment, where the player has to balance the strength of various groups of fish and other sea animals. The software is primarily intended to identify gifted children, but at the same time its norms cover almost whole range of the measured ability. This software is based on modern scientific knowledge in the domain of psychology of cognitive abilities. It allows group testing, which is carried out on-line, even in the case of potentially very large populations of children. In the Czech context the product is unique by its nature. Immediately after the administration itself, the program evaluates the outcomes on the basis of the norms acquired in the standardization with several hundred children in a number of regions of the Czech Republic. An IRT approach is used for the evaluation of the outcomes, the software implements Rasch model to this end. Beside immediate benefits in the form of providing information about the child´s abilities to his/her parents or teachers, the program is also linked to a large database, which enables acquiring and storing the information and its further analyses.
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