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Subtest pro identifikaci prostorových schopností

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Title in English Subtest for the identification of spatial abilities


Year of publication 2022
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description The subtest for the identification of spatial abilities is part of the diagnostic system GIS – Invenio, and it focuses on measuring the ability of visualization. Conceptually, the subtest builds on CHC theory, which construes visualization as an ability to imagine the position of particular objects in plane or in 3D, and to carry out certain mental operations (e.g. translation, rotation) on these representations. The subtest for the identification of spatial abilities (in the Invenio system the tool is also alternatively called “Lin and space navigation”) is a computer-administered method which makes use of the GBA paradigm: the tasks are presented as a computer game, including the use of gamified features (graphical elaboration, the presence of story characters etc.). In this particular story the player´s aim is to help its main character – an astronomer named Lin – with recognizing the records of trajectories of various space bodies. The child can observe the motion of these bodies repeatedly on a small screen placed in the upper part of the gaming environment. Gradually, three types of tasks are presented: at first, mere identification of the path(s) of one or more bodies is required. Next, the players don´t identify the paths of all bodies they observe on the screen, but only of some of them (those bodies are distinguished by color). In the third type, the players no longer see the bodies, of which they are supposed to identify the appropriate path. However, they can infer their position from the manner those target bodies illuminate other planets. The subtest enables on-line group testing. The evaluation of the results is carried out by means of IRT model, based on the norms acquired during standardization with several hundred children in a number of regions in Czechia. Thanks to the incorporation of the subtest into the Invenio system, the users can compare the information on visualization with the data on other important cognitive abilities of the child.
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