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On-Line MALDI-TOF MS Using Continuous Vacuum Deposition Interface



Year of publication 1998
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Analytical Chemistry
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Faculty of Science

Field Analytic chemistry
Keywords On-line; MALDI; TOFMS; Vacuum Deposition; Interface; Mass Spectrometry; Capillary Electrophoresis
Description In this work, a new interface for continuous liquid on-line MALDI-TOF MS is presented. The sample, mixed with conventional matrix, is brought via a capillary inlet into the evacuated source chamber of the mass spectrometer at liquid flow rates of 200 to 400 nL/min. The liquid sample matrix is deposited on a rotating wheel, in the present study quartz, and transported to the repeller where laser desorption takes place. Rapid evaporation of the solvent (water or methanol) results in formation of a thin, ~ 50 um wide, sample trace. No crystals were observed in the trace using a scanning electron microscope, suggesting either very small sized crystals or an amorphous film. This sample uniformity resulted in excellent spot-to-spot reproducibility, with detection limits in the attomole range. Furthermore, and importantly, the interface permits the on-line coupling of high resolution microcolumn separation techniques with MALDI-MS, as demonstrated in the capillary electrophoresis - MALDI-TOF MS analysis of a 12 peptide mixture. The approach offers the potential of rapid, trace separation and analysis of complex mixtures.

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