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Screeningový software pro zjišťování míry akcelerace matematických schopností žáků 1. a 2. tříd

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Title in English Screening software for assessing the level of acceleration of mathematical abilities of students in the 1st and 2nd grade


Year of publication 2022
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description The software is designed for screening and evaluating the mathematical abilities and skills of 1st and 2nd grade students. It is the result of original research and development, and its essence is a unique design of a new computer-based diagnostic approach, based on a new algorithm for evaluating the measured diagnostic data, in order to obtain a high-quality numerical estimate of students' mathematical abilities. It includes a psychometric manual that documents the development and other parameters of the software. The software consists of several subtests that measure basic numerical abilities, the ability to solve word problems correctly, a subtest of numerical series, knowledge, and a supplementary subtest of reading skills development level. The entire system uses game-based assessment (GBA). Individual subtests are framed as computer games, including the use of gaming elements (storyline, graphics, background sounds, points). The task of the tested child is to help the guide, Steven, take care of the different parts of the Dinopark and complete various tasks, each focused specifically on individual groups of test tasks. Subtests are integrated into the whole gaming composition so that they are connected and lead the child through the entire game story and environment. The entire software is connected to an extensive database and linked to a web interface. It is designed to provide individual interfaces for both input and results (usually for parents, educators, or psychologists). Results are generated immediately after testing, based on the integrated unique numerical model for evaluating the acquired data.
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