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Cyphelloporia bialoviesensis (Fungi, Agaricales)—a new genus and species for a giant cyphelloid fungus from Białowieża virgin forest in Poland



Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Phytotaxa
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Basidiomycota; Europe; Henningsomyces; ITS; LSU; phylogeny; Rectipilus; taxonomy
Description A striking species of cyphelloid fungus tentatively identified as a Henningsomyces or Rectipilus was collected in Białowieża virgin forest in Poland since 1962. After search in literature, morphological studies and phylogenetic analyses based on LSU and ITS rDNA sequences, the species turned out to be unknown to science with ? 5% difference in LSU rDNA sequence from nearest representatives of both cyphelloid and agaricoid fungi. We describe it here as a new genus Cyphelloporia and new species C. bialoviesensis. The species is still known only from the Białowieża forest, where it produces large basidiomata consisting of a well developed subiculum and densely aggregated, tubular receptacles up to 10 mm long on decaying trunks of Picea abies. A detailed morphological description accompanied by line drawings and photographs is provided, and differences from similar Rectipilus and Henningsomyces species are discussed. Phylogenies based on LSU and ITS sequences show that C. bialoviesensis belongs to the lineage formed by Rectipilus species together with Phyllotopsis nidulans and Pleurocybella porrigens, whereas true Henningsomyces species belong to a highly unrelated lineage labelled Niaceae or Cyphellaceae. Family position of C. bialoviesensis is discussed showing that Phyllotopsidaceae is well justified.

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