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Monitorování dendritických buněk a jejich podtypů v průběhu léčby nemocných s mnohočetným myelomem.

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Title in English Monitoring of dendritic cells and their subsets during treatment in multiple myeloma.


Year of publication 2002
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Klinická onkologie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Field Oncology and hematology
Keywords dendritic cells; multiple myeloma; immunotherapy
Description Background: In this study was evaluated the proportion of dendritic cells (DC) subsets-DC1, DC2-in peripheral blood of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) before and during treatment. Methods and results: Flowcytometric determination of DC in the peripheral blood was based on the positive expression of surface antigens - CD83 in combination with HLA-DR, CD11c and CD123. No significant differencies were found in initial values between the group of healthy volunteers (n = 15; mean count of CD83+ cells was 0,62+/-0,06%; ratio DC1/DC2 = 2,5) and the group of patients before treatment (n = 15; 0,59+/-0,13% CD83+; DC1/DC2 = 2,17). In the group of patients (n = 10), after induction treatment with VAD regimen (vincristin, adriamycin, dexamethason), mean percentage of DC (0,84+/-0,4% CD83+ cells; DC1/DC2 = 1,59) was higher than initial values. Administration of the G-CSF reduced the total DC numbers (0,66+/-0,6%, DC1/DC2 = 3,71). The lowest total DC counts were in the apheresis products (0,36+/-0,2%; DC1/DC2 = 4,75). Administration of the GM-CSF increased DC numbers (0,56+/-0,3%; DC1/DC2 = 1,59). Pre-treatment DC values were reached in the six months after transplantation (0,83+/-0,6%; DC1/DC2 = 3,92). Conclusions: The highest number of total DC was found after induction treatment and in the six months after transplantation. Ratio DC1/DC2 showed the relative predominance of DC1 subtype, the highest ratio was found in the apheresis products and in peripheral blood six months after transplantation.
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