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The morphometrical analysis of haptoral structures of taxonomic importance monogenean parasite Paradiplozoon homoion (Bychowsky et Nagibina, 1959)



Year of publication 2003
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Sixth International Symposium on Fish Parasites
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Faculty of Science

Field Zoology
Keywords Monogenea; Paradiplozoon homoion; morphometric analysis;
Description Total of 221 specimens of Paradiplozoon homoion, a gill parasite of mainly cyprinid fish, were analysed in detailed morphometric study of the attachment apparatus. The specimens were collected from seven host species of family Cyprinidae (Alburnoides bipunctatus, Barbus barbus, Chondrostoma nasus, Gobio gobio, Leuciscus leuciscus, Phoxinus phoxinus, Rutilus rutilus). Nineteen characters of clamp (the third pair clamp) , 4 characters on the central hook and 2 proportional characters on clamp were analysed. Measurements originated from specimens parasitising different host species were compared. No significant differences were detected in the measurements of the central hook sickle. Also compared proportion of the width and length of the trapeze spur of the proximal tip of the median plate of the attachement clamps showed no significant differences. This character seems to be very stable and might be prove as suitable conservative character for species identification of diplozoids in future research. The shape the central hooks, the proximal and distal tip of the median plate of the clamps as species specific and stable characters of P. homoion were also analysed in specimens from all seven hosts. As no differences were found it was conclude that all studied specimens belong to P. homoion species.
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