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Identifikace modifikátorových genů pozdního kvetení u Arabidopsis thaliana

Title in English Identification modifier genes of late-flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana


Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference IX. Pracovní setkání biochemiků a molekulárních biologů
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Faculty of Science

Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords modifier genes; late-flowering; Arabidopsis thaliana
Description Variability in penetrance and expressivity Mendelian traits can be caused both environmental and genetic factors. The most referred genetic factors are genetic background and modifier genes. Modifier genes (modifiers) either suppress or enhance effect of target (modified) genes. Modifier genes in many animals as well as in human have been found. These modifiers affect especially loci that cause diseases (e.g. inherited deafness, cystic fibrosis, enzymopathies). Far less we know about modifiers in plants. The transition from vegetative to reproductive stage is a crucial step for development success of plant. SpiS96 mutation (dominant mutation Spi induced in early flowering S96 genetic background) effects late flowering. In this work influence of a different early flowering background Columbia (Col) on SpiS96 phenotype was observed. There was simple ratio 1 : 3 (early : late) observed in F2 progeny after crossing of the late-flowering mutant SpiS96 and early line S96. Similar ratio 1 : 3 (early : late) was observed also after crossing with another early lines (SpiS96 x Columbia), but in this case the group of the late flowering plants was modified - majority of plants flowered much more later than in previous crossing with S96 line. Such extremely late-flowering plants suggest existence of a modifier genes for late-flowering in A. thaliana. Recombination analysis (SpiS96 x Columbia) F2 generation was applied to identification of these modifier loci. By this approach one locus on the top of chromosome 5 was identified (nga225). This possible modifier locus was preliminary mapped to 23,6 +/- 5,1 cM from nga225 marker.
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