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Kompetente Selbstevaluierung als Lernstrategie autonomer Lerner

Title in English Competent Self-Evaluation as Strategy Used by Autonomous Learners


Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Brünner Hefte für Germanistik
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Field Linguistics
Keywords autonomous learning; foreign language learning; self-evaluation; self-assessment
Description This article is to be seen in context of the present attempts to support autonomous learning strategies among the students of the department of German language and literature at the PdF MU. One of the prerequisites of autonomous learning is the ability to self-assess ones level of language competence at a certain stage of development. As our previous experiences with students of foreign language indicate, this ability cannot be taken for granted. It must be systematically developed. One step further in this direction has been taken during the winter semester 2004, when first year students were given the opportunity to correct a test at the end of the semester and evaluate the progress they made themselves. In this article we describe the results of this self-evaluation and present further statistic material comparing the students results with our own assessment from this and a second test held one semester later with the same group. The main findings are that there is considerable uncertainty on the side of the students in determining their proficiency level. Interestingly, the exactness of the self-assessment shows positive correlation with the level of proficiency as determined by the teachers. Both findings confirm us in our demand for further efforts to strengthen the students autonomy in the learning process.
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