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8-channel amperometric biosensor cell with parallel flow channels using Tesla diode array



Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference The 9th World Congress on Biosensors Delegate Manual
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Faculty of Science

Field Biochemistry
Keywords Flow-through assay;Flow stabilization;Multichannel biosensor;Glucose oxidase
Description Complex biological samples often require simultaneous determination of several analytes and this task can be conveniently realized using multichannel biosensors. In this study, the advantages of amperometric oxidase based biosensors and multichannel analysis were combined and a novel flow through arrangement was developed. For common oxidase-based multisensor set ups operating in continuous flow mode and measuring hydrogen peroxide, serious interferences exist due to the transfer of the enzymatically produced hydrogen peroxide to the surrounding electrodes. To solve this problem, a new type of an 8 channel biosensor and biosensor cell was suggested and designed. The main flow channel was divided into eight parallel flow channels for each working electrode. To achieve equal flow rates through all subchannels, a flow regulating element Tesla diode was incorporated after each biosensor channel. This design was successfully tested using different oxidases (glucose oxidase, lactate oxidase, xanthin oxidase and choline oxidase). Calibration curves for each enzyme were measured and kinetic parameters, linearity and sensitivity was determined. Reproducibility of results was better than 5 %. Another working mode, where all channels used the same enzyme (glucose oxidase), was also tested. This mode allowed to obtain eight results in one analysis and the subsequent statistical proccessing provided greatly improved results without random errors. The efficiency of the Tesla diodes array was also characterized under different flow regimes. The difference of flow patterns in each subchannel was typically under 8 %, i.e. substantially better when compared to multichannel flow cells with conventional designs.
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