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Amplified oligonucleotide sensing in microliter volumes containing copper ions by solution streaming


HASOŇ Stanislav VETTERL Vladimír

Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Analytical Chemistry
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Faculty of Science

Field Electrochemistry
Keywords cathodic stripping voltammetry; graphite electrodes; DNA hybridization; magnetic nanoparticles; oligodeoxynucleotides;
Description A simple, cost-effective design for amplifying oligodeoxynucleotide (ODN) sensing, in microliter ODN volumes containing copper ions, by solution streaming ( bubbling)is presented. The inert gas streaming ( bubbling) at a constant pressure of 0.04 bar drives the motion of a 30 microliter ODN droplet containing a three-electrode circuit ( inverted drop microcell), and in the presence of copper ions offers an similar to 50-times improvement in the detection of ODN samples. The detection of ODNs at the carbon paste electrode is based on the enhancement of the oxidation peaks of purine bases ( adenine and guanine) by the anodic stripping of the electrochemically accumulated complex of Cu(I) with purine base residues of acid hydrolyzed ODN samples ( Cu(I)-ahODN complex).
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